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Walsh: MBTA should re-think ‘short-sighted’ service cuts

Lee Matsueda, executive director of Community Labor United, cited a recent survey in which, he said, that the cuts would result in major layoffs for MBTA employees, pushing hundreds of more people into unemployment and instability.

“It’s clear that the bulk of layoffs are likely to come from the ranks of bus and train motor operators. This is a group of workers that is largely non-white— 50 percent are Black and about half of them live in communities where covid rates are above 4 percent,” he said.

“The largest groups of drivers and operators live in Dorchester where the health and economic toll of the pandemic has been among one of the most in the state— we cannot stand for this.”

Added Matsueda: “We have a responsibility to stop these cuts— we call on Governor Baker, on the legislature, and the T and it’s executives to take this opportunity to protect frontline workers, essential workers, and MBTA riders.”

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