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Transit affordability must be a top priority for Beacon Hill

It is long past the time to implement affordable public transit in Massachusetts. Community organizations, labor leaders, employers, riders and workers agree that transit affordability is key to moving us toward a robust recovery. But under the direction of the Baker/Polito administration, the MBTA has dragged its feet. That is why we are looking to Beacon Hill to make sure low-income fares become a reality soon, and guarantee the progressive revenue needed to support them.

Our representatives and senators must pass H. 3526, which would direct the MBTA to provide free or discounted transit fares to qualifying riders on all modes of transportation operated by the authority, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, it would open the way for the commonwealth’s Regional Transportation Authorities to implement low-income fare programs or, if more cost-effective, fare-free systems.

Read the article in WGBH. 

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