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Stop the Cuts: Call Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito

Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karen Polito’s “small minded and short-sighted” approach to public transit is bad for riders, workers and our economy. 

The Baker/Polito administration has:

  •         Presided over deep cuts to the MBTA
  •         Vetoed a program to help those in need afford fares on the MBTA and our Regional Transit Authorities
  •         Vetoed legislation that would have required federal aid to be spent to restore cuts 

The Baker/Polito Administration’s transit policy hurts all of us — especially those of us who rely on transit the most: working families, communities of color, and essential workers who use buses and trains to get to work.


Call Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito and tell them:
  • Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) and our fifteen Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) provide a public service that is essential to the well being of workers, families and our economy. 
  • Together with the Public Transit Public Good Coalition, I am asking you to do everything in your power to:
    • Restore cuts at the MBTA
    • Use federal stimulus money to roll back slashed service
    • Support a reduced fare for low-income riders
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