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Riders and workers are the lifeblood of our public transit systems. We must ensure that Massachusetts’ public transit systems are affordable, equitable, and accessible, and meet the needs of communities of color and working families. Sign this petition and join the Public Transit Public Good Coalition in calling for:
  1. WON: One environmental justice rider seat and one worker seat on the new MBTA Board, chosen from nominations made by labor and community organizations.

  2. Reduced fare programs for low-income riders on all modes.
    Even before the pandemic, many riders were struggling to afford bus and train fares. Structural racism and economic exploitation have created deep inequalities in Massachusetts as elsewhere, leaving working families and communities of color struggling to make ends meet. COVID-19 has thrown even more of us into economic insecurity, as nearly one million people in Massachusetts have lost their jobs. We urge the legislature to institute low-income fare programs to make transit affordable. 

  3. New progressive revenue measures to ensure public transit is paid for by those who have plenty, not by those who are struggling to get by. Massachusetts needs new, fair, and sustainable sources of revenue to operate, maintain and improve our public transit systems. Right now, the MBTA’s revenue comes largely from highly regressive sources — fares and sales taxes — that is unfair because they cost poor people more, as a percentage of income, and unstable because they cannot be relied on in a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Our RTAs need additional, predictable revenue to modernize and expand. This session, the legislature will consider a number of progressive revenue measures, including a modest increase in the corporate income tax, and a measure that would close a loophole on off-shored profits.







  1. 获胜:劳工和社区组织有权提名一个代表环境正义人士和一个工人为MBTA 董事会成员
  2. 针对所有模式的低收入乘客的减价计划。
  3. 新的渐进式收入措施,以确保公共交通由有钱的人支付,而不是由那些苦苦挣扎的人来支付。
    麻州需要新的、公平和可持续的收入来源来运营、维护和改进我们的公共交通系统。目前,MBTA 的收入主要来源是票价和销售税, 这是不公平的,因为大部分的收入来于低收入人群,而低收入人群中票价占有他们的收入的大部分。像 COVID-19 这样的危机中,MBTA收入仅仅靠票价和销售税来源是不稳定的。我们的公共交通系统需要额外和可预测的收入来实现现代化和扩展。 在本届州会议上,立法机关将考虑多项累进收入措施,包括适度提高企业所得税,以及堵住境外利润漏洞的措施。
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