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Public Transit Public Good coalition issues statement on the MBTA Board’s FY2023 budget

BOSTONIn response to the recently approved FY2023 budget that neglects to include a reduced fare for low-income riders, Public Transit Public Good Coalition shared this statement: 

“MBTA riders are looking to Beacon Hill to pass low-income fare legislation after the Authority failed to include the popular affordability measure in its FY23 budget. A low-income fare would put $500 a year back into the pockets of those who need it most: riders. 

In the face of MBTA inaction, our legislators must act. Governor Baker vetoed a low-income fare provision in last year’s Transportation Bond Bill. Since then, the popularity of the measure has grown, with support from 79% of voters statewide, Boston Mayor Wu, and a broad range of labor, community, advocacy and business groups. This year, our Senators and Representatives must listen to voters and advance this important measure before the end of the session.”  


About Public Transit Public Good Coalition:

Public Transit Public Good is a partnership of transit workers and riders throughout Massachusetts fighting for the future of public transit. Community Labor United convenes PTPG. Visit to learn more. 

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