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We need a transit system that works for all.

Riders and workers are the lifeblood of the system. We need safe, equitable and accessible public transportation.
Transit in Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of our transit systems that existed even before the pandemic.

  • Riders from low-income communities and communities disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have struggled to pay the high MBTA fares.
  • MBTA service cuts that threatened mobility and jobs were made over the objections of the public — and only restored after months of rider and worker organizing.
  • Revenue has declined, demonstrating that current funding mechanisms are not sustainable in moments of crisis.

The transit crisis disproportionately burdens communities of color and low-income families, who already have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Real Voice for Riders and Workers

Riders and transit workers must have a say in the systems that shape their lives.

  • The Board that oversees the MBTA should include a labor representative who can truly speak for T workers and the broader Massachusetts labor movement.
  • The MBTA Board should also include a rider representative with community ties and knowledge of the transit equity concerns of communities of color and environmental justice communities.
  • Riders’ and workers’ input should drive decision-making on transit statewide.
Make Transit Affordable

We need a discounted fare for low-income riders. Even before the pandemic, many riders were struggling to afford bus and train fares. Structural racism and economic exploitation have created deep inequalities in Massachusetts as elsewhere, leaving working families and communities of color struggling to make ends meet. COVID-19 has thrown even more of us into economic insecurity, as nearly one million people in Massachusetts have lost their jobs. No one should have their mobility limited by an inability to pay.

Fund Transit Fairly and Sustainably

Federal aid has eliminated operating budget gaps and the need for service cuts. But Massachusetts still needs ongoing, sustainable revenue to operate, maintain and improve our public transit systems.

  • Transit is the engine of our economy. Profitable corporations and wealthy individuals who benefit most should pay their fair share to operate, maintain and improve our public transit systems.
  • The Massachusetts legislature should enact new progressive revenue options to fund transit, like raising the tax rates on unearned income and corporate income.
  • We must advance the Fair Share Amendment to ensure multi-millionaires contribute adequately to our Commonwealth’s transportation and education needs.
Fully Restore MBTA Service

After an infusion of federal funding and escalating opposition from the Public Transit Public Good Coalition and our allies, the MBTA announced it would restore the service cut in early 2021.

  • The MBTA must move as quickly as possible to roll back cuts.
  • All suspended bus lines should be included in the service restoration.

Invest in our Public Transit with Corporate Fair Share Policies

Large corporations and their wealthy shareholders have used loopholes, tax breaks, and weak corporate disclosure laws to avoid paying their fair share of taxes for years. In the last four
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About Us

Public Transit Public Good is a partnership of transit workers and riders throughout Massachusetts fighting for the future of public transit. PTPG is convened by Community Labor United.

About Us

Public Transit Public Good is a partnership of transit workers and riders throughout Massachusetts. PTPG is convened by community Labor United.

Interested in joining our efforts? Reach out to us today!

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